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Band NameAlbum Name Read Review
Mustan Kuun LapsetSuruaikaRead Review
VexingGrand ReproachRead Review
Kuoleman GalleriaPedon SyntyRead Review
TerranoctIcon Of RuinRead Review
HyperdontiaDerangedRead Review
EnchantyaCerberusRead Review
DreamSpyOut Of This WorldRead Review
Spruce MoosePyramid SchemeRead Review
KostnatěníÚpalRead Review
Wild BeyondWild BeyondRead Review
FearoutResistenzaRead Review
Countless SkiesResonanceRead Review
SmoulderViolent Creed Of VengeanceRead Review
Blazon RiteWild Rites And Ancient SongsRead Review
Astral SleepWe Are Already Living In The End of TimesRead Review
Children of the Reptile Heavy is the HeadRead Review
Black RabbitHypnosomniaRead Review
DevangelicXulRead Review
Wishing Well Sin and ShameRead Review
GatekeeperFrom Western ShoresRead Review
Dead End FinlandVictoryRead Review
EmetropiaAn Acoustic Endeavor Edit ThisRead Review
Jesterain Eyes Of A JokerRead Review
Judith AliceResoluteRead Review
Behind BarsAll In Due TimeRead Review
The Human Race Is FilthCognitive DissonanceRead Review
ÚlfúðOf Existential DistortionRead Review
BagorahThe Art Of Deviant BehaviorRead Review
Lawrence WallaceCompilation SongsRead Review
Scorched MoonObsidiaRead Review
Mammoth CaravanIce Cold OblivioRead Review
Wizards Of HazardsSupernaturalRead Review
MortalusWe Are HumanRead Review
Crown of MadnessElemental BindingRead Review
PrimalHumachineRead Review
TelomyrasTelomyrasRead Review
InferionGiven To The GroundRead Review
NomadusAxis PrimordialRead Review
HellwalkerGutblaster 3000Read Review
SeizureForbidden TalesRead Review
Jupiter ZeusFrequency PrisonRead Review
Dreams Of GrayThe World After Edit ThisRead Review
EndgameSerpents WhisperRead Review
CrowjackRuins SpeakRead Review
HellevateThe Purpose Is CrueltyRead Review
MordkaulFeeding The Machine – Part 1Read Review
Myth Of OriginSane AsylumRead Review
RyderDon’t Think TwiceRead Review
SpeciesTo Find Deliverance Edit ThisRead Review
DeiquisitorApotheosisRead Review
SamtarShadow of the Kings CharadeRead Review
ElusionThe Fundamental ParadoxRead Review
Allagash Dark FutureRead Review
Dead ReflectionsTrialsRead Review
DraghoriaDangerous SpeciesRead Review
SEAXSpeed InfernoRead Review
EmblazedBaptizedRead Review
LivewireUnder AttackRead Review
BorealisIllusionsRead Review
Woods Of WonderLostRead Review
Overlord SR Prepare For The KingRead Review
Chemical Annihilation ResurrectionRead Review
Susurro ErraticRead Review
Titan’s WrathWill Of The BeastRead Review
Iron KingdomThe Blood Of CreationRead Review
KorrosiveToxic ApokalypseRead Review
Hei’AnImagoRead Review
Mourn the LightStare Into the Face of DeathRead Review
Dan Brooklyn The Great BeastRead Review
Solitude WithinWhen Kingdoms FallRead Review
XenoReconstructionRead Review
HostageMemento MoriRead Review
LeatherwolfKill The HuntedRead Review
VittraBlasphemy BluesRead Review
Chaos Over CosmosA Dream If Ever There Was One Edit ThisRead Review
Osyron MomentousRead Review
SteegmoordTrepidationRead Review
EmetropiaEquinoxRead Review
MantahEvokeRead Review
Rook Road Rook Road Read Review
Goblin HovelWhatever Keeps The Lights OnRead Review
InfantryTerminal SocietyRead Review
Virus InhumanityRe-InfectedRead Review
Even FlowMediterraneoRead Review
AvandraProdigalRead Review
Princess Alice ManoriDolKillerZRead Review
Silent KnightFull ForceRead Review
Wolf CounselInitivmRead Review
Epinikion InquisitionRead Review
HämäräIvory TowerRead Review
Through The VoidLife Is CancelledRead Review
AversedImpermanentRead Review
Dead By WednesdayCapital ConspiracyRead Review
Generation KillMKUltraRead Review
April ArtPokerfaceRead Review
Lillian AxeFrom Womb To TombRead Review
GalliaObscuraRead Review
EmpressFateweaverRead Review
GraveshadowThe Uncertain HourRead Review
VinterseaIlluminatedRead Review
Perennial QuestPerennial QuestRead Review
My Missing HalfCeaseless Decay Edit ThisRead Review
Shadow KingdomEyes Of PainRead Review
DialithExtinction SixRead Review
Vacant EyesA Somber Preclusion Of BeingRead Review
Apeiron BoundMultiplicityRead Review
Celestial DemiseDemoRead Review
Svn.Seeker Means To An EndRead Review
Mourn The Light Suffer, Then We’re GoneRead Review
ArkangelaTempus DesertaRead Review
MechaMechaRead Review
ORCumentaryFully ORChestratedRead Review
Seven KingdomsZenithRead Review
Secret RuleThe ResilientRead Review
New HorizonGate Of The GodsRead Review
Visions Of AtlantisPiratesRead Review
Dzö-nga Thunder In The MountainsRead Review
TDWFountainsRead Review
Visions Of AtlantisPiratesRead Review
Bioplan Arcade DreamsRead Review
Iris DivineMercurialRead Review
Lillian AxePsalms For EternityRead Review
FirewindImmortalsRead Review
StormstressSilver LiningRead Review
FirewindFirewindRead Review
RushRush – Moving Pictures (40th Anniversary Box Set)Read Review
Visions Of AtlantisThe Deep And The DarkRead Review
Visions Of AtlantisWanderersRead Review
Armored SaintArmored Saint – Raising FearRead Review
SavatageSavatage – Streets: A Rock OperaRead Review
SavatageGutter BalletRead Review
SavatageHall Of The Mountain KingRead Review
Ok GoodnightUnder The VeilRead Review
Ok Goodnight LimboRead Review
Threads Of Fate The Cold Embrace Of The LightRead Review
Myth of IMyth of IRead Review
Spirits of FireEmbrace the UnknownRead Review
Spirits of FireSpirits of FireRead Review
Darren BowdenRustRead Review
AfterTimeInfinite LegacyRead Review
Mute ProphetQuietus Of AutumnRead Review
NonpointRuthlessRead Review
DOVASPreacher of LiesRead Review
DOVASEverlasting Lake of FireRead Review
ShadowStrikeLegends of the Human SpiritRead Review
ShadowStrikeFables & FolkloreRead Review
No Honor Among ThievesDeath Is Only The BeginningRead Review
SarpaMauta TalaRead Review